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Giving birth is arguably the hardest thing a woman will do in her life, not just physically, but also mentally. Every mother's experience about natural births, premature births and caesarean births is different. On one hand we have heard some women have enjoyed labour, on the other, many have found it exhausting and scary. But even so, the feeling has been incredible for all.

We have decided to listen to all birthing tales on this forum because we believe no two are the same!

So we welcome all moms and moms to be, to join this group and share your experience to help others and of course to thrill us!

Cloudnine replied 15 hours ago

We are LIVE for an exclusive conversation with Cloudnine Mom, Anjali Nath on her pregnancy journey!

Join us in welcoming Anjali Nath, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance and an amazing mother for our Community's exclusive live session where she'll be sharing her pregnancy experience and her learnings in the journey to parenthood.

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Our customers say it best!

I am Ayesha and this is my journey from giving up the hopes to becoming a mom on Cloudnine.

Like every other woman, becoming a mother was my lifetime dream too. But not all our dreams are fulfilled easily. For... (More)

Thank you very much for sharing your inspiring pregnancy journey with us Smriti, we truly appreciate your determination!

Thank you for a great review, we are equally thankful to our specialists Dr. Shefali Tyagi and @ Prachi Saraswat (PT)3 and... (More)

Baby Poop


It's normal for the baby's poop to be of green colour for a few days. It should return to yellow color soon. Of it persists for beyond a week or so please get in touch so that we can... (More)