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Dear Dads and Dads-to-be, if you're in need of fathering advices for you, your newborns and toddlers, you're in the right place! We bring you a dad's perspective of pregnancy. 

C'mon Fathers, join us on this "Dad's baby" expedition!

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We are LIVE for the Father's Day exclusive conversation with Vaibhav Dewan, Postcaster & Cloudnine Dad!

Join us in welcoming @Vaibhav Dewan, a Podcaster and rocking Dad for our exclusive community LIVE session. Vaibhav will be sharing experiences and learnings from his fatherhood journey.

Conversation is being hosted by @ABhishek Pasari, Founder & CEO... (More)

Feel the kicks!

Don’t be a boring father. Engage with your baby. Talk to them, sing them, feel their kicks. This moment is precious.

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Just two more weeks!

Your baby is the size of the rhubarb. It’s just a few more days for your little one to visit the world! Read the blog to know things you should do to welcome your precious!

Get used to being unnoticed!

From the very moment she announces her pregnancy, she'll be the center of attention — not you. Get used to it.