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In Gurgaon, Cloudnine’s signature speciality roster presents comprehensive services for newborn babies across maternity, gynaecology, fertility, neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, dermatology, cosmetology and trichology. 

Our tailored solutions are pointed at women, infants and moms of all ages and our service philosophy is notably rooted in three key pillars: clinical excellence, comprehensive care and celebration. Come parents, discover world-class healthcare in Gurugram on Cloudnine.

A complete guide to labour and childbirth. An informative webinar with DR. MEENAKSHI SAUHTA.

Childbirth is one of those lifetime experiences for mothers which make them a source of strength and patience, however, such an experience comes with its share of pain. This pain, although can be reduced to some extent if an apt... (More)

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Calming anxieties and fears around pregnancy infections. An exclusive LIVE session with DR. RITU SETHI.

Although most infections that occur during pregnancies are harmless, some have the tendencies to cause adverse harmful effects on both the mother and the baby. Many to-be parents are often worried about the consequences of these infections which lead to... (More)


Post vaccination babies may refuse or substantially decrease their intake due to associated injection site pain or fever.Do check his temp and may give one dose of Paracetamol at dose recommended by paediatrician.At1 the same time do exercise proper... (More)

Baby Care

Hi Alisha

If this rash is not itchy and bay is afebrile ,you need not to worry.Use mild baby soap or body wash for cleansing . Use some mild baby lotion ,Avoid oil till the resh disappear as oils are... (More)