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Postpartum Support Group
Postpartum Support Group
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Sometimes new mothers experience conditions which can adversely affect their mental health. If you are a new mom too and you are facing anxiety issues, it is necessary to connect with a specialist or a support group now.

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Joyshree commented 9 hours ago

Hi Joyshree

Term babies regain their birth weight at 10-14 days of life generally after initial weight loss.After documenting the same , we call newborns at 6 weeks of age for routine examination including weight measurememt and vaccination.So2 do fix... (More)

Dr. Pooja SahniObstetrician & Gynaecologist
Consultant Gynaecologist in Cloudnine Bengaluru

Hi. This bleeding can be your cycle bleeding.  However in case you need further guidance feel free to contact me.

Dr. commented 11 days ago


Are you breastfeeding the baby ? Baby is on complete breastfeeding ? Or giving top feed also ? 

Your bleeding is continuous ? In between stopped and restarted ? 

Geetika liked 12 days ago

Dear Mom

It's difficult to exclusively breastfeed twins and kudos to you for doing that!

Most babies like to be held and do a lot of comfort feeding. Spit ups are not a concern as long as they are growing... (More)