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Stem Cell Banking
Stem Cell Banking
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Stem cells have a unique ability to develop into specialized cell in the body. Cord blood and umbilical cord stem cells may be used to replace cells and tissues in the future that have been damaged or lost. 

Hence, Stem Cell preservation is always a safe and useful investment for your child's future. Join our group to know all about Stem Cell Banking, and invest in your child's future health.

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Your baby’s umbilical cord is loaded with stem cells that can treat many life-threatening diseases. Parents can preserve their baby's umbilical cord which could save the baby from many future ailments.

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Know all about Stem Cell Banking with Cryoviva on April 24 at 5 PM

Stem Cell banking can help in future-proofing a baby's life. Investing in storing a baby's stem cells is the first step that can be taken in shielding the child from a range of unforseen health conditions in the future.

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Know all about Stem Cell Banking with Cryoviva on April 9th at 5 PM

Umbilical cord contains stem cells that can be used to develop into many different types of cells in the body. This is useful in the baby's life to treat diseases like leukemia. The stem cells are collected immediately after childbirth... (More)