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What information should we expect before agreeing to a fertility treatment?

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Dr Arockia Virgin Fernando
Dr Arockia Virgin Fernando Fertility Specialist on Cloudnine


Information regarding the dosage of medicine, the procedure, admission, growth of embryos and the cost of procedure are the information given before.

If any clarification , you can consult me in this link

Dr Priya Khamatkar
Dr Priya Khamatkar Fertility Specialist on Cloudnine

Fertility treatments are not only therapeutic but have diagnostic value as well so before starting fertility treatment one should keep following points in mind:

  1. Why is a particular treatment offered to you
  2. What is the success rate of the treatment . Fertility treatment can never give you 100% success , and hence it becomes extremely important to be aware of chances of success .It helps you to have a more practical approach towards the treatment.Also It is important to know that the cumulative success rates are always to be considered while undergoing treatment
  3. The cost effectiveness of the treatment
  4. What to expect next if the treatment fails
  5. Whether all treatments are available under one roof.Choose your clinic wisely.Your comfort with the doctor and staff helps relieve anxiety.

Answer to these questions will prepare you better for your journey into parenthood.

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