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Asked a question last month

Hi, I am 32 wees pregnant. From few fays while sleeping to my right or left does not have the baby movement at all. Once in a while when I woke up for washroom call and come back to bed and sleep on back, and I make sure I can count some 5 movements atleast, then I will get back to sleep. But from yesterday, baby movements have become less in a day and if I eat anything and lay down a while, I feel some slow movements, and there is little tightness feel too. should I consult doctor or should I take counts of movements for how many hours once to feel everything normal, and how would I know baby is doing good inside the womb and tired? Please help me with clearing these concern, thanks in advance.

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Hi Dhanyashree 

A mother is the best judge for baby movements. . If you are feeling low movements kindly get to the hospital asap and get a physical consultation. . A CTG test will also be done . . Better to be reassured always . . 
Take care