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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hi Mam, I'm 14 weeks pregnant.10 days before I had heavy bleeding and rushed to hospital. They took Scan and they confirmed that i got anterior low lying placenta grade 1 and also retro placental haemorrhage. So I had been admitted to hospital and was given with Trapic injections for 1 day. After that bleeding was controlled and returned to home. Also using Trapic tablets daily for the last 1 week and was asked for complete bed rest. But now again am seeing bleeding with bright red color. Do I have to worry and rush to hospital again? Am stying in a remote village. So wanted to take suggestion that If I have to go to hospital or I can continue with Trapic tablets?

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If the bleeding is less than 1 pad you need not worry you can continue the medications but if bleeding is more than a pad and associated with pain abdomen you should visit hospital immediately