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Asked a question 2 months ago

I am an first time ivf patient. Is Brown Bleeding watery discharge on 9 days after embroyo transfer (single) normal? Followed by yellow discharge.

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9 th day post embryo transfer if you get brown or yellow discharge it indicates that there was bleeding some time back as fresh blood is always red in colour. This blood might have got mixed with your vaginal medications and is giving you an impression of vaginal discharge .It can be very normal to have this type of discharge ,as long as it not heavy bleeding associated with pain and cramps ,do not worry.

 Sometimes 3-5 days post embryo transfer there may be bleeding which is called as “implantation bleeding“...though there is no guarantee that it indicates implantation .Also because of all the medications the organs are very vascular and at time some external bleeding from the cervix may give you a false impression of spotting.Usually such episodes are harmless and self limiting. Please follow the instructions given by your doctor.