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Baby Care
Baby Care

Taking care of the newborn can be a little stressful at times. Let the Cloudnine community help you out in this. Join us for everything related to baby care! Be it essential care of newborn, baby care products, baby moisturizer cream baby care kits, we have got you! 

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Hi Nitin,

Some pain and fever are common reactions to the 6 weeks vaccination. However reduced feeding could be one rare consequence of vaccination. As it's been only one day, it's advisable to wait for couple of more days. If... (More)


The rash seems most likely to be "baby acne". The causes could be varied from a normal change in the skin to use of harmful products on the baby's skin. Please consult for a detailed solution to the problem.... (More)


Do not worry. A mum's constipation or indigestion does not create similar problems in baby. Please continue to breastfeed your baby. Consult your physician to help with your tummy problems. Take care and happy parenting!

To know more or... (More)