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I would suggest trying to give your baby cues in the nighttime like reducing all ambient noise, turning off screens and developing a bedtime routine like maybe a warm sponge bath, feed then lights out. Possibly sing/read to her... (More)


It looks like, burping is not been done adequately after each feed, please burp the baby atleast 5-10min after each feed and then put the baby to asleep. If this still continues please avail our video consultation services.

Thank... (More)


Usually babies gain more weight inside the womb of the gestational diabetes mother, not after the baby is born. So there is no link related to gaining extra weight due to gestational diabetes after birth. And the appropriate recommended... (More)


You mean baby's renal pelvis . Am I correct ?

It is because of pregnancy hormones. Most of the time it will be resolved after delivery . After delivery , baby's kidney will be checked by repeating the scan... (More)