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Baby Shopping
Baby Shopping
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I'm not crying, just ordering a massage from mommy!

There's no more a euphoric feeling than a great massage!
An oil massage helps in protecting your baby's soft skin by locking the moisture in. It also helps the baby sleep better by creating a soothing effect on them.

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Shower time babies!

Why be harsh with the chemicals on the soft skins?

Use Momeaze’s organic and soft on skin massage oils, shampoos and other bath and skincare products for your baby.
They protect your baby’s soft skin and nourish it.

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Sling it, Mamas!

Wrap up your baby and share some cuddly and snuggly moments!

The baby slings and carriers from Momeaze are crafted to perfectly fit your growing baby with soft breathable fabrics which expand effortlessly. It's easy to wear and comes in... (More)