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Exclusively Pumping
Exclusively Pumping

Join us to know about pumping breastmilk, breastmilk sucker, pumped milk, expressed breast milk, breastfeeding machine, expressed milk, electric breast milk pump from experts. Join now! 

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Preparing new moms for lactation. An informative session with our expert RAMA MAHAJAN

Breastfeeding is one of the most crucial aspect of the post-partum period and offers health benefits to both mother and the baby.

Join us for an informative session with the renowned Lactation Expert @Rama Mahajan on 8th June at 3... (More)


For pumping there is always different reasons for each individual mother which need to discuss about it in details before start using pump.

Please meet lactation consultant for the same.

For a comfortable breastfeeding journey

Pain shouldn't take away the joy of being a Mom.

Try Momeaze’s Breast pumps for a painless and safe breastfeeding experience.
They help you to quickly and comfortably express and store breast milk prior to feeding your baby. Also, they... (More)