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Fitness tips post delivery
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We are LIVE with Dr. Bhumika Patel for our exclusive session on managing health positively - "A Mom's new beginning starts with her!"

JOIN the community LIVE NOW with our special guest today, @Dr.Bhumika Patel, Guide Runners India Founder, World Marathon Majors Finisher, Certified Yoga Trainer and a Mom; on Health, Fitness and starting as a Marathon Runner at 35!

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Don't Rush Mama, stay home and shop in your Pyjamas!

Momeaze brings the Weekend Nutrition sale to you!

Life gets busy when you're a mama or mom-to-be, but make sure to get all the nutrition your body needs.

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World Health Day week special Community LIVE this Saturday with our celebrated Guest Speaker!

Hey Moms, be inspired to maintain and develop your fitness journeys! Join the exclusive LIVE this Saturday with our versatile guest speaker, Dr. Bhumika Patel and learn about managing ones health positively while staying motivated!

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The World Health Day gift exclusively for our Community!

On this World Health Day, we are back with more fitness exercises demonstrated by our eminent and highly trained physiotherapists!

Full body workout is the key to a healthy body and pregnancy. Here are some of the helpful exercises and... (More)