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Infant Health
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An Informative Webinar- Stem cell banking: newborn's future health shield.

Preservation of cord blood is a once in a lifetime opportunity, therefore it's important to understand the potential benefits of stem cell banking for the newborn.

Learn on how to invest in a child's future health, in this informative webinar... (More)

Sleep in peace with MOMEAZE.

Proper sleep is vital the for baby’s growth and overall wellness!

So, fill up your cart with soft and comfy bedding sets and quilts, cause our weekend sale is here!

Hurry! Shop now at MOMEAZE!

Pregnancy #babyShopping #Babycare #Momeaze... (More)

THIRD WAVE! Facts about Covid in children- An exclusive live session with DR. KISHORE KUMAR

With news regarding the onset of the third wave of Covid-19, one of the most asked questions would be if it'll predominantly affect children. Although there's no evidence of this, it's of high importance to take all the precautions and... (More)

Bright start- baby's first 1000 days. An exclusive webinar with expert ABHISHEK PASARI.

Initial years of childhood have a huge impact on the physical and emotional growth of a baby. Hence, it's crucial to ensure that the baby grows in a positive environment with all the right influences.

Join us for this enlightening... (More)