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Mental Health for Pregnant Mothers
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Dr Pooja SahniObstetrician & Gynaecologist
Consultant Gynaecologist in Cloudnine Bengaluru

Frequent burping may be due to gastritis. It is normal to have gastritis in first trimester. Have small frequent meals and lots of water.

The wisest one-word advice you must have received during your pregnancy journey? BREATHE...

All you hardworking & multitasking Moms & Dads out there... breathe in confidence and breathe out stress; because sometimes, all you need is a long deep breath to get through the week!

A happy reminder- Weekend is almost here!
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Thoughtful Thursday: Bonding with your Unborn Baby!

Your belly is a beautiful gateway to your baby. And by harnessing its magic, you can finally start bonding with the darling visitor in your womb.
Read the blog for some baby bonding tips for expecting moms and dads! (More)