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Nutrition for toddlers
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Hello Raji,

Good balanced nutrition during growing age is mandatory. There are different ways to feed fruits & vegetables to kids. Try to include different variety of veggies in his diet & put them on plates in a very attractive... (More)

Hot summer and green smoothies!

Green is known as smoother, why not make a smoothie with all the greens? Recipe by our nutrition expert @Shilpa Singh


Spinach – 50 gms

Coriander leaves – 5 gms

Mint leaves – 5 gms

Wheatgrass – 5... (More)

Tune our exclusive Instagram Live with Abhilasha V on 28th May at 5 PM and understand about ideal family nutrition in the current times

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet to ensure the entire family gets all the nutrition required, especially during these unprecedented times. A focus on healthy habits, like eating well will enhance one's immunity and make the body... (More)

When to Introduce Solid Food to Your Newborn?

Introducing solid food is a big leap not only for the parents but for the baby as well. Even though the baby needs breast milk or formula till she/he turns one, you must not deprive him/her of the nutrients that... (More)