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Pregnancy Sex
Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy is a crucial period. There are so many things you need to be careful about. One of them is pregnancy sex. Join the topic to know about sex during the first trimester, sex during the second trimester, sex during the third trimester, precautions and so much more. Join now! 

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Hi Sonia

We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Health (MOH)of India has not approved the vaccination for pregnant and lactating women at this time. However there are other professional bodies like FOGSI n FIGO that do... (More)

Hi Ayda

Are your periods generally regular ? If yes for starters , kindly get a home pregnancy test done . . But it may turn out to be false negative at times . , And if you want sure... (More)


why be in dilemma ? Kindly do a home pregnancy test . . But if you want a confirmed answer kindly get a BHCG done . . And get back to us on video consult . .Also if you... (More)