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Pregnancy Thyroid Issues
Pregnancy Thyroid Issues

Pregnancy is a crucial time for the mother. Everything affects you during this period. Join us on the topic to stay updated on thyroid issues during pregnancy. Know about thyroiditis, hypothyroidism problems, nutritionist for hypothyroidism, questions to ask about hypothyroidism and more.

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Hi Gawthami

I can understand your concerns . .
Next time when you meet your doctor kindly share your concerns or while getting a sugar test done , you can get your thyroid functions tested in fasting levels . .... (More)

Hi sushmitha

It’s always better to get Tsh levels checked often as severe hypothroidism induced cretin babies are one of the leading causes of low IQ babies. . No harm in getting it done dear . . If there are... (More)

Dr Shilpa AgrawalFertility Specialist on Cloudnine
Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and fertility specialist

Hi Jagruti ,

if you ar planning to concieve , your TSH levels should be less than 4 preferably <3.5 . So thyroxine needs to be started . Also please get your serum prolactin levels and anti TPO antibody levels... (More)