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Bright Start - The power of healthy habits in kids

Inculcating healthy habits in kids, as early as possible, is a crucial step for parents to ensure that their child grows up to be a responsible and efficient individual. Hence, staring the training and education to be virtuous beings is... (More)

An Informative Webinar- Stem cell banking: newborn's future health shield.

Preservation of cord blood is a once in a lifetime opportunity, therefore it's important to understand the potential benefits of stem cell banking for the newborn.

Learn on how to invest in a child's future health, in this informative webinar... (More)

THIRD WAVE! Facts about Covid in children- An exclusive live session with DR. KISHORE KUMAR

With news regarding the onset of the third wave of Covid-19, one of the most asked questions would be if it'll predominantly affect children. Although there's no evidence of this, it's of high importance to take all the precautions and... (More)